A Positive Step by Caretaker Government to Promote the Tourism in Punjab.

Caretaker Minister for Information & Tourism Amir Mir inaugurated Four new “Double Decker Sightseeing Buses” under the programme “Lahore Lahore Aye” at Qaddafi Stadium and handed over to the TDCP. Two Buses has the capacity to entertain the 35 tourist at a time and the other Two have the capacity of 29 tourists. On this Occasion the Minister of Information & Tourism says that the new “Sightseeing Buses” has been launched for the tourist in Punjab. These buses will be used by the sales and tour promotion department of TDCP. The provisional minister further said that these buses will promote the tourism activities in Punjab.  In the near future more new buses will be introduced to Murree, Patriata and other tourism sites in Punjab. In this way, three buses already available in Lahore and now their number increase to seven buses. AC & Non-AC buses will also be operated in different cities to promote tourism according to the weather. The provisional minister further said that to promote religious tourism, Sightseeing buses will also be launched for Sikh Pilgrims.

News Reference link: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSLbgj33w/

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