Skydiving From Pir Chinasi AJK Pakistan


Skydiving is a very exciting sport where a person jumps out of a plane from really high up and falls freely to the ground with the help of a parachute. When the person jumps out of a plane and falls, they see really amazing things, feel intense feelings, and get a big burst of energy.

Why is skydiving from Pir Chinasi so popular?

Pir Chinasi is a well-known place in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, with lots of trees and tall hills. It is considered the best place in Asia for skydiving. This platform is great for “blue-tail” skydiving. Blue-tail skydiving is a type of skydiving that allows you to experience longer free falls and have more time to enjoy the beautiful view from above. This is the only place in South Asia where skydivers can easily reach their maximum speed outside of controlled airspace. Many people who enjoy thrill-seeking activities travel long distances just to feel this special excitement. Furthermore, Pir Chinasi is well-known for its beautiful mountains in the background, which makes the jump even more remarkable.

Location: Pir Chinasi is in Muzaffabad, which is the capital of Azad Jammu and Kashmir in Pakistan. This place is a hill station and it is located at a height of 2,400 meters.

View from the Top: You can see the pretty hilly land around from the highest point. You can also see a wide view of the snowy mountains of the Himalayas far away.

Weather: The weather at Pir Chinasi is usually chilly, with temperatures that go from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius all year round. Winters are usually cold, with temperatures going down to 0 degrees Celsius or even colder. The summers are usually not too hot and are enjoyable. It rains a lot all year because it is very high up.

The Experience of Skydiving from Pir Chinasi

The Free-fall: When you skydive and start falling, you feel a really strong rush of adrenaline. You will feel both excited and scared as the ground gets closer quickly. This stage is usually filled with happy screams and laughter.

The Parachute Ride: After the parachute opens up, the ride becomes calm and dream-like. You can see beautiful sights that you wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy. This calm ride can also be a good time to think about the whole experience.

The Feeling of Accomplishment: Once you finish skydiving, you will feel proud and satisfied. After you confront your fears and challenge yourself to the maximum, you can feel proud of yourself for finishing a fun and satisfying task.

Tips for Skydiving from Pir Chinasi

Be Physically Fit: It’s important to be in good shape and healthy before you try skydiving. Exercising often and eating a healthy diet will make sure your body is prepared for the challenges of skydiving.

Hire a Skydiving Instructor: Before you go skydiving, make sure you get trained by someone who is licensed to teach skydiving. They can teach you the skills and information you need to safely do skydiving.

Be Prepared for the Weather: Before you schedule yours skydive, make sure to consider the weather. Make sure you look at the weather prediction for the day and plan accordingly. Make sure the wind is not too strong and there are no predictions for rain or storms.

Pack the Right Gear: When getting ready for skydiving, it’s crucial to have the correct equipment. This includes a special suit for skydiving, gloves for working, goggles to protect your eyes, a helmet for safety, equipment for practicing on the ground, and, of course, a parachute for landing safely.


The thrill of skydive: Skydiving is an exciting activity that gives you a lot of energy and an incredible view of the world from above. The idea of jumping out of an airplane and falling through the air before the parachute opens feels amazing.

The beauty of Pir Chinaisi: Pir Chinasi, located in Upper Neelum Valley in Azad Kashmir, is absolutely stunning. The peak is covered in snow and is very tall, about 7,000 feet high. It is surrounded by hills that are a vibrant green. The view of the area from the peak is amazing.

The feeling of being free: The feeling of being free makes you feel liberated. It’s something that might be hard to explain with words, but it’s something everyone should go through in their life. When you have free time, you can look at and learn about the things around you without any limits or mess. It can really make you see things differently.

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